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    Today, complexities of the IT world have created new threats for organization on various paradigms. These threats make these organizations more vulnerable to security attacks and related damages. Apart from the direct loss, there are several other factors, which create a serious concern. At this point of time, Data Unit becomes a one-stop source for keeping your data and credentials safe from hackers and intruders. Our security solutions are designed to offer complete protection from several types of intrusions and hacking attempts. We have the best configuration of services to ensure the right delivery of the perfect solution to keep you away from these attempts. As of now, everyday technological advancements are creating new options for intruders and opportunities for organizations to fight back. With our vast expertise of years and the knowledge base of the latest and advanced techniques and methods, we are apt to deliver right security solutions.


    Our solution engineers and professional security designers understand the issues associated with designing technology. Our security expertise includes buth not limits:



  • Data Unit and IT security solutions

    There are several occasions when preventive measures work better than fighting back with the culprits. At Data Unit, we offer these preventive mechanisms largely to stay away from potential threats. The entire scope of our operations is associated with the top-notch security for all essential elements. However, there are several loopholes, which need attention as ignorance may create a gateway. Installation of firewalls, anti-virus programs, and anti-malware programs help to build a reliable network for everyone. Additionally, each new component of the system needs to be monitored for intrusion attacks. Even, installation of new software in mainframe architecture can cause a serious impediment.  In addition, the IPv6 security has its own merits. Therefore, picking the right security solution becomes the most essential and demanding situation for every organization.

  • Why Us – what we have in store for you

    At Data Unit, we offer real time monitoring of your network 24X7 and every day of the year. This monitoring has a strategic advantage and keeps you free from attacks. In fact, we offer the most challenging custom solutions for your organization. These custom solutions are based on granular detailing of your security requirements. Our perpetual monitoring services become an integral aspect of your security solutions. Additionally, we offer a centralized management of security. This central management has its own merits as it helps in monitoring remote terminals from core infrastructural architecture. With our security solutions, you can easily protect all network endpoints. We offer premium security solutions for strong authentication, intrusion prevention, webfiltering, secure email, next-Gen web application firewall, and antivirus. The entire scope of our services is designed to offer the best protection in the industry. The threats are on the loose, are you protected, think again, it's now or never.