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    IP is becoming a standard as a video transmission media. Data unit's knowledge on IP networks gives us a head start on our competitors. We can deliver camera footage in a reliable and secure way on wired and wireless networks, even over large distances.



    Axis network cameras enable you to remotely view and record live video from anywhere in the world. Based on open standards, they operate stand-alone and can be placed wherever there is an IP network connection. Images can be viewed using video management software or a standard web browser. With network cameras for day and night, indoors and outdoors, as well as wireless, vandal-protected and megapixel/HDTV network cameras, Axis offers you a complete portfolio. Whether you need a professional video surveillance solution to secure the safety of people and places, or remotely monitor property and facilities.

  • SONY

    Sony Professional products and solutions are developed on our unique Distributed
    Enhanced Processing Architecture (DEPATM) platform, harnessing technological
    intelligence to overcome practical challenges. Each product in our range - recorders, cameras, software, encoders and monitors - bring technological benefits designed to provide effective, reliable and intuitive video security.
    In addition, Sony Professional IP cameras utilize our unique IPELA concept: using the power of IP to deliver enhanced reality, intelligence and usability. These values mean that each Sony Professional video security camera is designed to use the advantages of IP to overcome challenging conditions and deliver spectacular results, 24/7.
    With technology creating outstanding benefits in security operations, our vision for an integrated analogue/IP solution provides a clear strategy for your clients. Based on future-proofed products and innovative solutions, Sony Professional offers a simple entry into the world of IP and a route forward as security demands change. From banks, transportation, education and government/public venues to industrial and corporate, retail and tourism, Sony Professional has a solution that will
    enhance your clients' security - right now.


    IP cameras are now being used extensively for security surveillance systems. Compared to analog cameras they offer significant advantages like lower cabling costs, remote monitoring and management, scalability and better integration options. To maximize the value of your IP cameras you need the right recording software
    Milestone XProtectTM is the industry's leading open platform IP VMS. It acts as the core of your surveillance system, connecting all the hardware of your choice for an optimal, integrated solution.
    Milestone XProtect supports the widest range of IP cameras and video equipment in the industry.