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Together, bringing you more


It is with strong enthusiasm, that we can now announce that we have officially merged with Cofely Quentris, our ICT sister company, also part of the ENGIE Fabricom group. Cofely Quentris has a long history of excellence in the ICT field - a highly valuable addition. We will continue our activities under the name of Data Unit. This merger brings together the competences of two successful businesses to offer extended technology solutions to its Benelux customers.

Perhaps you are wondering how this change will affect you and your company. In fact, there will be no changes in the day-to-day management of your portfolio or the company and its contacts with which you were originally affiliated. So please do continue to address inquiries to the usual account managers. This merger will only add more value to our business which will lead to serving you better. 

Soon, we would love you to meet the new team members and we are convinced that you will benefit from the expanded services, support and expertise they will provide. 

Creating a stronger and more extended portfolio

The consolidation of our resources will create a new company with a greater capacity and operational performances to serve our Benelux clients more effectively. 

Clients thus gain easier access to next-generation offerings combined with the crucial know-how and yearlong experience in the industry. 


More precisely, this merger will offer:


  • excellent customer service and support: more resources will lead to a greater and smoother efficiency to serve you as a client 
  • enhanced technology expertise: more than 30 years of combined experience and IP knowledge 
  • a number of renowned leading technology partnerships: different clients have different needs, that is why we propose a number of technologies, scaled to the client's specific demands 
  • technology independence in next-generation cloud, security, big data & analytics, mobility, unified communications, workspace and IT services 
  • combined leadership which results in a deeper understanding and expertise in the field of customer relationships, sales, industry etc... 
  • expanded know-how and R&D which results in greater efficiency, new services and a greater offering 


To sum up, the new Data Unit will help customers to digitally transform their business to meet the ever growing demands and expectations of their customers. The combined company will lead digital transformation using next-generation technology solutions from both companies. The partnerships with the world's leading technology providers will let Data Unit offer greater services while staying an independent party and offering the technology that best suit the individual client.

Management and locations

This merge resulted in a single company, but with two locations. Headquarters are situated in Lummen, with Joris Meylaers as General Manager of the company. Raf Van den Broeck will lead the Brussels team, with his role as Hub Manager. The Brussels team have moved to a new location, close to the previous one, in Diegem. General manager Joris Meylaers is delighted with the merge: "It creates the opportunity to connect Data Unit's data security expertise in the SME market segment with Cofely Quentris' professional IT business environment. Cofely Quentris' background in telecommunication is also a great asset and is a need that is still present with a great deal of clients" Cofely Quentris also is convinced of the merge as a great asset for further growth. "Data Unit adds a layer of applications that Cofely Quentris was looking for, the data security layer, a hot topic in the ICT market" Raf Van den Broeck stated. 


If you have any questions regarding these changes, feel free to contact us.
We are looking forward to see the positive impact this merger will have on Data Unit!

Data Unit Management